Internet Chatting Apps


text chat stickers/game

Kik is one of the few messaging apps that doesn’t require you to provide your phone number


text/Audio chat stickers

Taiwan-based Cubie is focused on drawing. Here you can draw your message and your emotions


text chat Web app

To sign in with GroupMe you need to have a Facebook account or just email. It’s target is group communication


text chat Stickers/Web app

One interesting feature is its translation service in 1:1 chat rooms. Cross translation are available for 4 languages: Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese


text/audio chat /stickers

Maaii is great for emotional users. You will illustrate your feelings with audio and video effects and stickers, making chats more and more vivid


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Snapchat is a chat app that lets users share photos which expire within 10 seconds or less


text chat Web app

Voxer is called a “walkie-talkie”, which is aimed at making audio messages, easy to play back. Use it if you are too busy to type and prefer dictating


text chat/ Stickers/Web app

Hike app proposes you to start hiking with your friends: to communicate and share emotions. Every conversation can be colored with a suitable theme


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Feem sends files instantly from one device to another without passing through the Internet with guaranteed privacy.With Feem, send an unlimited number of files, any time, any size, to any of your devices, instantly


text/audio/video chat

BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats, picture sharing, voice notes and more


text chat/ Web app

IM Plus is a free all-in-one messenger. IM+ Web Messenger allows you to log in and chat with contacts from MSN Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, MySpace, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber


text chat/ Stickers/Web app

Badoo is a flirting chat app. Here you don’t connect with your old mates but make new ones. You see a photo of a person and check if you want to communicate with him. This application can be your friend in a dull rainy evening when you need some fresh emotions

Video Chatting Apps


Text/Audio/Video chat Web app

Google Hangouts includes instant text messaging and video and voice calling, and is available for iOS, Android and desktop


Text/Audio/Video chat Stickers/Game/Web app

India-based messaging app Nimbuzz brings the full package: video/voice calling, file sharing, chat messaging, games and support for a range of platforms


Text/Video chat Game/Web app

Rounds FREE video chat app allows you to easily connect and have fun with friends and family. Voice chat, send text messages, make video calls, group chat, play games and more


Text/Audio/Video chat Game/Web app

Two Tango users can play Tango games together via the app, regular text messaging, group chat, video, photo sharing, music sharing and more



Text/Audio/Video chat Stickers/Web app

Viber is a popular app for making video calls on your smartphone. Unlike Skype it was built to be on mobile first, and it only introduced a desktop client recently


Text/Audio/Video chat Stickers/Game

This China-made service has been compared to Facebook, since, like Line, because of the way it mixes a range of social network-like features with messaging. Use Friend Radar to discover new friends


Text/Audio/Video chat

You sign up in Skype and then send free messages and make free calls to registered users. Cell phones calls will be paid


Text/Audio/Video chat /Stickers/Game/Web app

Using Line you will not only chat with friends but also play games and create posts to share with friends

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